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Nutritional Therapy


Initial Consultation: £95

This is a 60 minute appointment and includes a fully personalised action plan and nutritional recommendations.

Follow-up Consultation: £70

Supplements & Tests


The cost of recommended supplements and/or any functional tests required is additional.

Body Composition Analysis


Body Composition Analysis: £30

This is a 20 minute appointment using the Tanita SC-330ST to include readings of muscle mass, fat mass, fat %, bone mass, visceral fat, total body water, basal metabolic rate, BMI, metabolic age, desirable fat % and desirable weight and a brief analysis.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." PROVERB
Metabolic Balance®


Initial Consultation: £95

This initial consultation is a 60 minute appointment and includes total body composition analysis.

Standard Programme: £740

This programme includes ongoing body composition analysis, detailed blood tests and laboratory costs, a Metabolic Balance plan for life and 3 months coaching (six
50 minute sessions) and reasonable email/telephone support through each phase.  


Enhanced Programme: £840

In addition to all the elements of the Standard Programme, this Enhanced Programme includes additional blood tests, namely HbA1c (a 12 week glucose marker) and Vitamin D.

Payment plans are available. 

BANT Member
The Institute for Functional Medicine
Metabolic Balance Coach, Wales
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